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The best Blu-ray Ripper and Blu-ray Converter helps you backup Blu-ray/DVD movie to computer and convert Blu-ray/DVD to AVI, DivX, XviD, MPEG, WMV, MP4, 3GP, MP3, WAV, WMA.
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What can this Blu-ray copy software do?

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HST™ - With only four hours, you will finish one Blu-ray copy.
Compatible with full Blu-ray support, including decryption and burning of Blu-ray movie discs.
Movie-only copy - removes unwanted movie features, including subtitles and prohibition messages.
Removes encryptions of BD+ and AACS from Blu-ray discs with a third-party Blu-ray/HD DVD Copy Helper.
Splits one Blu-ray movie to two blank BD-Rs(25G).
Copies the whole Blu-ray disc, keeping the menus and intros.
Supports the selection of audio tracks and subtitles
Copies Blu-ray movies on hard disk drive to Blu-ray discs.
Backs up Blu-ray movies to hard disk drive.
Selects the encoding format (MPEG2, H.264).
Adjusts the compression rate of the special features.
The size of the target Blu-ray disc can be set.
Defines the length of each chapter.
Plays the copied Blu-ray movies back on your standalone Blu-ray disc player or your Sony PLAYSTATION® 3.
Playback of the copied Blu-ray discs on PC with PowerDVD
Cool and user-friendly interfaces
Automatically selects the reader and burner after the source Blu-ray disc is inserted into the drive.
Verifies data after the copying completes.
Shuts down PC when the copying completes.
User-friendly interfaces make the Blu-ray copying simple.
Free technical support

What copy modes can Blue-Cloner make?

Blue-Cloner has four copy modes: 1:1 Blu-ray copy, movie-only copy, movie complete copy and split Blu-ray copy.


What's the video quality of the BD-R/RE(s) burnt by Blue-Cloner?

The burnt BD-R/RE(s) have almost the same quality as the original Blu-ray movies.


What's the difference between the demo version and the registered version of Blue-Cloner?

The demo version can only make one full copy. After one full copy, you can only copy half of a Blu-ray movie in your future copying.
The registered version can copy Blu-ray movies to BD-R/REs or to the hard disk drive with absolutely the same quality without quantity limitation.

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